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I will not allow myself to go into personality to defend myself or my ideas about myself. I have found that sometimes I decide on an activity and then when discussing it with other people, I feel challenged by them.  I know that when this feeling occurs it is an indicator for myself that I am participating in an idea that supports my personality.  In these cases, I will breathe, and not participate in any justification or action that stems from my feeling challenged.  Only when I am clear of feeling challenged will I then further discuss the idea or plan or activity.

This is a necessary way of approaching things, because when we argue with someone from a point of reaction, not only do we end up abusing the other as well as ourself, but we end up spending time merely participating in an energetic exchange. Nothing practically is done in those moments that supports all equally. We only end up creating more consequences for ourselves and everyone else to walk through, which means more time added to this process.

I say from here on, no more participation in personality. And if I do see myself participating in it, I can no longer say that I don’t know any better or that I don’t know how to identify when I am participating.


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