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i will not allow personality to interfere with my standing up for what i know to be necessary. i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to judge my expression according to the way it would make me appear and what others would think of me.  i will not allow myself to consider anything from that starting point.  i will consider from within common sense in terms of the 1+1+1 effect my expression has on the greater whole, but i will not allow myself to be concerned with how i appear to others from the persepctive of protecting my personality. my personality does not serve me and i have no interest in it.  i tried it, it is really not all its cut out to be.  it is mostly fear and judgment and defense. i am not interested in these things. i am interested in living, expressing, and being here with equals, not with a bunch of other personalities all competing for attention and survival.  i will not allow my personality to be king of my world and i will not allow anyone elses personality to influence who i am. no more.


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