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I’ve stopped eating the amount of sugar I normally would. And what I am finding is that this is different from when I stopped smoking cigarettes for example. When i stopped smoking, I had very little thought in terms of temptation to smoke, but with stopping sugar, I still have these thoughts tempting me to eat sugary foods. But, see, the ‘reason’ I am stopping sugar is not because it is more ‘healthy’ per se, although that is part of it, but really, I have so many mental addictions, and that’s what I see sugar is supporting within myself. The addiction to good feelings, to comfort, to not facing conflict, discomfort.
this is a similar point, as far as I can see, to being addicted to the mind energy of pornography or sexual images. admittedly, i still am stimulated in my mind by certain sexual images, or images that I have defined as sexual or sexually stimulating. Although i am not seeking that energy, the connection in my mind of those images to energy and ‘feeling a certain way’.
The sugar addiction is obviously a physical addiction programmed through years and years throughout my childhood – and stopping this physical addiction will obviously support me in stopping my ‘mental addictions’

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